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Tips for Creating Stylish and Tasteful Kid’s Rooms

You want your child’s space to be somewhere they love to spend time and reflects their personality. However, you know they won’t stay little forever, so the room has to be able to adjust to their changing tastes. You’ll also want to be able to easily use the space as a guest room or living space when they move out. Here are some tips for creating kid’s rooms that will look great for years to come.

Choose tasteful colors.

While your child might want to paint their room dark or neon colors, see if you can reach an agreement for a shade that’s fun yet still tasteful. One of the things that makes children’s rooms the hardest to redecorate is the color palette, so opt for something you know you’ll be comfortable with no matter what. Good choices include lighter shades like sky blue, lavender, or yellow. If your child insists on something darker, go for an accent wall in a classic shade like navy or red, and then keep the rest white or beige.

Install versatile storage spaces.

Your kids will need lots of storage as they get older, so be sure to build plenty of shelving options into their rooms during the remodel. A great way to do this is by installing a bed that also contains storage space. You can also build bookshelves into the wall or install floating shelves. Tasteful storage helps keep the space from feeling too cluttered.

Create a designated play space.

Kids will love spending time in their room if they have an appealing dedicated play space. There are many different ways you could do this – you can install a small fort or castle, or you can just create a comfy lounge with pillows and blankets. This will give children an easy place to play alone or with friends, and it also can help keep their toys relatively contained.

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